CEDAR FALLS — A candidate making his second run for the Board of Education received the most votes in a four-way race for three seats.

Eric Giddens received 1,209 votes. Sasha Wohlpart was a close second with 1,140 votes followed by Jeff Orvis with 832. Jim Moody came in fourth with 775 votes. There were also 22 write-in votes.

“I’m just grateful and I’m excited to get to work,” said Giddens, who noted knocking on “over 600 doors” during the last six weeks. “I’m honored that the community would support me in this way.” Giddens’ first run for the board was in a 2016 special election.

He hopes his selection means Cedar Falls Community Schools’ residents believe “that we can come together to work on solutions for the betterment of the community.”

Wohlpart noted she “was running with three other highly qualified candidates, any of whom would do a good job in this position.” As a result of that and because Wohlpart is the newest candidate to the community, moving here from Florida just over two years ago, she worked hard to meet people. “It was an amazing learning experience in itself.”

She expressed gratitude for the support, vowing to work with the board, educators and staff, “but also the community to make sure we do what is best for the city of Cedar Falls.”

“I’m honored, of course,” said Orvis, for this support. “I’m sure that I’m going to work really hard to keep Cedar Falls Schools strong.”

He observed that the top two vote-getters “worked really hard on the campaign” and wasn’t surprised at how well they did. “I hope Jim decides to run again,” he said of Moody, the fourth-place finisher. “I think he’s an excellent candidate.”

The at-large positions all are four-year terms.

In addition, incumbent Joyce Coil was running unopposed to fill the final two years of an at-large seat being vacated by Jim Kenyon. She received 1,154 votes. There also were 100 write-ins.

In the Waterloo Board of Education election, one of two candidates dropped out in each of two contested races, Brian Jacobs’ and Leah Morrison’s names remained on the ballot, though, because their decisions were made after the printing deadline. Final vote tallies were:

Director District 1: Astor Williams, 102; Brian Jacobs, 11; write-ins, 4.

Director District 4: Endya Johnson, 105; Leah Morrison, 26; write-ins, 4.

At-large: Shanlee McNally, 407; write-ins, 33.

Black Hawk County-wide, which includes three other school districts, a total of 3,103 voters turned out for the elections. The other elections had these vote tallies:

Hudson Community Schools, three seats elected at-large — Incumbent Traci Trunck, 98; Matt Sallee, 94; Brenda Klenk, 91; Kala Featherstone, 60; write-ins, 3.

Dunkerton Community School — Director District 2: Chad Wolfensperger, 208; incumbent Alen H. Nagel, 99. Director District 3: Lyle John McIntosh, 289; write-ins: 3. Director District 4: incumbent Amber Shimp, 270; write-ins, 9.

Union Community Schools — At-large: Kristi Martin, 516; write-ins, 9. Director District 1: Darrell DeWinter, 520; write-ins, 4. Director District 2: Kevin Sash, 517; write-ins, 5. Director District 1 (two-year seat): Brandon Paine, 508; write-ins, 2.


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