WATERLOO, Iowa --- Trial for a man accused of abusing and killing his son has been postponed.

Daniel "DJ" Reddout had been scheduled to go before a jury on first-degree murder and child endangerment charges last week, but the trial was delayed until Sept. 27 to allow more time to prepare.

Reddout, 23, of Waterloo, remains at the Black Hawk County Jail with bond set at $1 million.

Authorities said Reddout was looking after 18-month-old Kaleb Ryan Reddout April 4 at a University Avenue motel in Cedar Falls when the child was found unresponsive.

The boy later died, and police said Reddout told them he blocked the child's airway so it would sleep. He was arrested in May following an autopsy.

Murder carries a mandatory life sentence without parole under Iowa law, and the two child endangerment charges are punishable by up to 50 years in prison each.

Reddout has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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facts are facts

Everyone is waiting for this trial to start as am I, but the father is not the only one who needs to be charged in this tragic death. Am still waiting for the charges to be filed against the mother as well. Its sad that children are dieing all over this country at the hands of their parents an walking free, and I beleive this crap needs to stop NOW!



You need a license to drive, but any moron can have a child. Doesn't make a whole lot of sense to me.


Once again people get your facts straight before you start accusing an innocent of murder. the mother wasn't even there when this all took place. How do i know because i am the mother and i was away at my night classes. This is infuriating when people automatically assume what happened when really they were not there so who are you to judge or place the blame. we all want justice but pointing fingers just because you can never got the job done. So facts for facts know all about what you are talking about before you even open your mouth and let more ignorance flow. Thanks

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