CEDAR FALLS – An Evansdale woman has been arrested for allegedly using another person’s credit card information to pay herself tips at the Cedar Falls pizza place where she worked.

Echo Dawn Marie Iehl, 33, of 1660 Michigan Drive, was arrested Tuesday for 10 counts of credit card fraud. She was later released from the Black Hawk County Jail.

The victim had made a purchase at Papa John’s on West First Street in Cedar Falls in June, and a few days later suspicious purchases began appearing on his credit card statement.

Police allege that Iehl, who worked at Papa John’s would purchase meals on the job using the card and then charge large tips for herself.

Sometimes the tip was $10 on food purchases as small as $5.22. Once she allegedly charged a $40 tip on a $6.51 purchase. Papa John’s officials told police they had confronted Iehl about adding the tips, and she told them the card was in her name, according to court records.

The card was also used to pay a $28 iWire phone bill in a friend’s name and to buy a pizza from Marco’s Pizza in Waterloo.


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