CHARLES CITY -- The Charles City Police Department used social media to help find a person stealing off a grave at Riverside Cemetery.

A resident had installed a camera in the cemetery and caught a person on camera taking Christmas lights. Police then posted the pictures on Facebook asking for the public's help in finding him.

It worked and police said stolen items were found at a residence in the 500 block of Hulin Street. Through the investigation, items were also recovered in the 200 block of Ferguson Street, the 100 block of Hulin Street and the 400 block of North Jackson Street.

Terry Brandt, 43, of Charles City, was arrested on two counts of fifth-degree theft and one count of possession of stolen property from a item stolen from a cemetery in the county. Other charges are pending as the investigation continues. Numerous items were taken from the residences.

Police said the recovered items appear to have been taken from graves. They asked residents if they are missing something from a grave, to contact Capt. Brandon Franke at (641) 228-3366.