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OELWEIN -- During the morning hours Thursday, the Oelwein Community School District received a report of a nondescript threat of a potential violent act at the Oelwein High School.

School officials contacted the Oelwein Police Department and the two entities reviewed the information provided.

Oelwein police said in a statement that while the threat of violence was vague in nature and officials believed that there was no imminent danger, :it would be deemed alarming to others."

As a precaution, officers were present at the high school throughout the remainder of the day, while officials used various resources to track the source of the threat.

Police said they believe that source of the threat was located and appropriate action was being taken in regards to that individual.

“School officials acted quickly and appropriately during this incident,” said Chief Jeremy Logan. “All threats of this nature are taken seriously and the collaborative effort between the school administration and our agency allowed for a quick resolution to this matter.”

A statement from Josh Ehn, superintendent of Oelwein Schools, called the incident "an isolated and nondescript threat of violence to the Oelwein High School."

"Those that make these kinds of threats will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law, and if attending the Oelwein Community School District, will be punished under our code of conduct. I want to personally thank the law enforcement community for their work throughout this investigation," he said.

The incident remains under investigation and charges are pending in this matter.


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