LA PORTE CITY | A sex offender convicted of failing to register his website will get his computer back.

The decision came as Michael Edward Deneut, 38, pleaded guilty to failure to report relevant information, a misdemeanor, and was sentenced to probation last month.

His laptop, which was seized during the investigation, will be returned unless he decides to appeal the case, according to court records.

The decision was also posted in the chat room of Deneut’s website.

The conviction will mean Deneut will remain on Iowa’s sex offender registry for another 10 years.

Deneut was first required to register in connection with a 2002 conviction for indecent contact with a child. His registration requirement was about to sunset earlier this year when authorities received a complaint about sexual comments he allegedly made on another website’s chat room. They also received complaints about advertising solicitations in connection with his own website.

During the investigation, deputies discovered that Deneut hadn’t registered his site, email addresses and a phone number. He was arrested in June.

While the case was pending, his site -- which includes chat rooms, blogs, videos and appeals for advertising and funding -- remained online but wasn’t updated.

Cops and courts reporter for the Courier

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I hope they made him remove his web site. If he new he had to register a web site and did'nt says he is hideing something he should'nt be doing. The fact that he has to stay registered as a sex offender for ten more years is a good thing.

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