Police tag Waterloo nightclub as nuisance

2013-11-06T14:15:00Z 2014-07-15T15:15:16Z Police tag Waterloo nightclub as nuisanceJEFF REINITZ ​jeff.reinitz@wcfcourier.com Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier

WATERLOO | A fight that broke out as patrons left a downtown nightclub Sunday morning has led to a bill for police services.

Daniel Trelka, director of safety services for the City Waterloo, said the owner of Club 319, 229 E. Fourth St., was cited for maintaining a chronic nuisance property and billed $1,350.

The bill was tabulated at 27 officer hours on the fight call and follow-up investigation at $50 per hour.

“Almost every officer in the city responded to the call that night,” Trelka said.

According to Trelka, the establishment was first determined to be a nuisance under the city’s ordinance on Sept. 24 because of a number of calls including disturbances, fights and a stabbing. Club officials received a notice at that time. He said the owner submitted a plan to address the problems by adding security staff and installing cameras, but Trelka said he asked the owner to provide additional specifics and has yet to receive them.

Sunday morning’s fight started near closing time as people inside were leaving, according to police. About 60 people were involved, and officers on the scene said the patrons weren’t cooperative with police. Four people were arrested on charges including disorderly conduct, interference, failure to disperse and assault on a police officer. One officer was slightly injured.

The Waterloo City Council approved the revised nuisance ordinance in May, and since then about a dozen properties have received notices. Trelka said all but one since then have worked with city officials to rectify the issues without continuing problems.

Owners of the remaining nuisance property, the former Club Candela on West Fifth Street, were billed $400 for police time in June. The owners, who had rented the building to another party, closed the operation. Still, Trelka said the bill hasn’t been paid and will likely be assessed against the property.

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  1. ioniclight
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    ioniclight - November 13, 2013 2:36 pm
    I think the real problem here is it's crowd. Even though the bar keeps changing owners the clients aren't changing. I think the building's owner should impose the zero tolerance rule on people who get out of hand. The police should also, if nothing else, park a car in front of the door.

    The goal is not to recreate another Screaming Eagle but to curve the amount of disorderly conduct. I say fine the bar and the property owners. Provide more police presence but don't punish the bar by labeling them a nuisance property if they call the police. Work with them and not against them.

    The bar itself is really a nice place!
  2. Waterloo Mom of 2
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    Waterloo Mom of 2 - November 11, 2013 8:04 pm
    Who is the current owner of this bar?
  3. education
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    education - November 10, 2013 10:53 pm
    Sounds like a real good place to hang out! Too bad with all of the work that has been downtown Waterloo where there are respectable clubs that this one exists!! And police and others have to be exposed to this kind of a place when I am sure they had other things to do hopefully. I say no one go there and that will force places like this to close. Been in there once and walked back out. Maybe put this bar out by the juice bar and fight it out if you want to be in a place like that.
  4. Wloo4life
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    Wloo4life - November 07, 2013 12:13 pm
    I am guessing that “Real Talk” must have something to do with that bar. Otherwise why to defensive? Police Scanner aside. Its not about being nosey try living across the street or owning a business near the bar and listening or looking at all the crap coming from this location. It is ridicules. Its about time that something is being done about it. Why should everything get overlooked with this place and not all the others? All the other night clubs and bars in Waterloo have to so why should this property not have to? This place has the reputation of closing and then the liquor license just gets put in someone else’s name. Its nice that it gets put on the landlord now so this will actually have to be dealt with. Property owner Bill might have to do something real about this situation.

  5. helloall
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    helloall - November 07, 2013 8:27 am
    I also like how the bar owner stated, i shouldn't be responsibe for what happens outside his establishment... oh how wrong can you be. Back when Shag's was over by the mall, there were fights every weekend and most of them were outside, but the bouncers/security was outside trying to break up fights. You job doesn't stop at the door, you are also responsible for the outside of your establishment, especially if all of the rioters were your patrons prior to the scuffle.
  6. helloall
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    helloall - November 07, 2013 8:24 am
    Wow, this response was uncalled for. I listen to the police scanner too, i have the app on my smart phone and i listen every now and then to see what is acutally being called in in our community. I also have a life, with a full time job, family responsibilities. For all you know, he could be a retired police officer or he could live in an area where crime is high.

    How about you get a life and get off peoples back. and that's real talk!

  7. Real talk
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    Real talk - November 06, 2013 9:06 pm
    I understand the no tolerance for violence. Wow you spend you nights listening to a police scanner. That must be your Television. Maybe you are so nosey you have to here about all the wrong. You believe this gives you credibility to judge. Get a life
  8. auntmerder
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    auntmerder - November 06, 2013 6:19 pm
    Back in the day, and I am not saying when that was, if you had to call the police or "hit" the button, it was done as a last resort. You did not want the reputation of being a place where there was always a fight. Our rule was, if you were involved in a fight, you were "barred", That was it, no questions asked. Maybe a few of these new bar owners need to adopt a zero tolerance policy..Whatever they are currently doing is not working.
  9. 2433
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    2433 - November 06, 2013 4:57 pm
    It's about frickin time. I listen to the police scanner on the weekends and every Friday and Saturday without fail, that place has a riot right around closing time. Other legitimate establishments in the neighborhood are suffering because of this place. I know people who were at Screaming Eagle during the aforementioned Sept 24 riot (sorry but when that many people are involved, call it what it really is...) who had to get a police escort to get back to her car safely. Smart people now stay away from downtown on the weekends because of that place and it's sad for the other businesses. I'd say it's long past time for the city to pull their liquor license and be done with them.
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