WATERLOO – Sheriff’s deputies are warning the public to be wary of unsolicited phone calls following reports of scams over the past week.

In all, local dispatchers have taken about 20 such reports of callers claiming to be sheriff’s deputies in the past six days, many of them coming from 319-214-2390.

In one incident, the caller told the resident he was Deputy Mark Davis with the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office Civil Division, and he asked the resident to avoid an arrest warrant by buying gift cards and reading the card numbers over the phone.

Another time, the caller claimed to be Deputy Gavin and requests to meet with the resident to compare signatures because the resident allegedly missed federal jury duty. Again, arrest was threatened.

The only problem is that the Black Hawk County Sheriff’s Office doesn’t have a Deputy Gavin or a Deputy Mark Davis. And the Sheriff’s Office doesn’t accept gift card in lieu of arrest, and it doesn’t require people to meet in random locations to compare signatures.

Deputies said residents should never give personal information or bank account or credit card information to anybody making such requests.


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