CEDAR FALLS – A Cedar Falls man who was shot in the leg during an October gun accident while riding in a truck has been sentenced to prison.

Barry Eugene McLemore Jr., 20, pleaded to charges of felon in possession of a firearm and carrying weapons on Thursday and was sentenced to up to five years in prison.

McLemore showed up at Sartori Hospital with a gunshot wound to his leg on Oct. 24, and police determined he was riding in a truck in the area of Franklin and Nevada streets in Waterloo when a .22-caliber revolver fired accidentally.

He is prohibited from handling firearms because of a felony theft conviction.

McLemore’s sentence will run concurrent with a forgery charge where he allegedly bought gas and cigarettes with a stolen credit card in October and a theft charge where he allegedly took items from a family member.

Police said that after the gun accident in October, McLemore’s friend, Jesse Andrew Hall, misled investigators about the accident and cleaned the truck and the weapon in an attempt to protect McLemore. Hall was arrested for obstruction, and his case is pending in court.


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