ST. ANSGAR, Iowa --- Onlookers gathered Saturday afternoon at the unofficial world's largest bowl of oatmeal in St. Ansgar.

It took 300 pounds of oatmeal and more than 700 pounds of water to create 1,000 pounds of quick-cooked oatmeal.

 The previous world record was 732 pounds, recorded in Manitoba, Canada.

 Organizers of the effortwanted to recognize the local agriculture of St. Ansgar and Mitchell County by creating the bowl of oatmeal.

Spectators were given samples of the oatmeal. Documentation is being sent to both the Guiness Book of World Records and the World Record Academy for verification and possible entry into the record books

. The event was part of the community's first-ever Oatmeal Day, sponsored by the St. Ansgar Chamber of Commerce.


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Maybe Hamburg should cover the streets with oatmeal. when the Corps messes up again, they'll have a record that will never be broken.


There shouldn't be any activity like this that encourages overeating, especially by children. Shame on you people. Who cares if your community can consume the most oatmeal. Why don't you shoot for loftier goals like highest SAT's or best band/dance/cheerleader competitions, etc.


I cannot believe I'm actually commenting on something like this but.... Justfortoday reread the article-it doesn't say anything about "consuming the most oatmeal". The world record was for making the largest batch of oatmeal. The poorly added picture of the kid looking like he's going to throw up (not a picture I would add to any article) has the caption of partaking in an all-you-can-eat pancake contest. What is loftier than celebrating what your area is known for agriculturally? ".....this just in no more pie eating contests, cancel the Corn-On-The-Cob Days and Watermelon Days and no more buffets because it encourages overeating!!!" Lighten up!! (no pun intended-ok a little)


troutman, I appreciate your valiant efforts to try to tone down MY post by pointing out all of the special events that occur each and every day in every community across our wonderful state...however, I stand by what I posted. NO event should encourage overeating especially by children. I don't care what the food is. If adults want to partake, although I don't agree w/ that either they are adults, children should not be allowed. Obesity is a HUGE issue in our country and when you walk around the malls, retail stores and even restaurants you see plenty of morbidly obese people. Restaurants continue to over portion or not offer a Senior or ligher fare menu and we continue to over-consume. So, the moral to my story is...don't EAT IT!

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