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EVANSDALE, Iowa --- The parents of the missing cousins are reaching out to the person who took the girls this summer.

In a letter submitted to The Courier, the parents of Lyric Cook- Morrissey and Elizabeth Collins ask the unknown abductor to be a hero and let the children go free.

“Our thought of the letter was to just get out to whoever has them and to just really touch their hearts to return the girls, that they still can do this,” said Heather Collins, Elizabeth’s mother.

Heather Collins composed the letter, which was also signed by her husband, Drew, and Lyric’s parents, Daniel Morrissey and Misty Morrissey.

Today marks four months since the girls — Lyric, age 11, and Elizabeth, 9 — were last seen riding their bicycles in Evansdale.

“They say, in almost all cases of anybody who has taken a child ... they always keep their clippings because they always want to keep update on what’s happening... So, I was just like maybe I should go to the paper,” Heather Collins said.

As she talked, the mother pulled up a phone picture of a note Elizabeth’s younger sister, Amber, age 7, wrote and placed on her bed. Written on stationary with a cartoon panda bear, it read “Ples bring Lizzy back home safe. Pleees I mist her.”

“We don’t know what this person has been through. We don’t know what his life is like, and usually when people do something like this it because they had a bad childhood or they had this or they have a lot of hurt in them,” Heather Collins said.

The letter was written gradually and draws from Heather Collins’s thoughts she posted earlier on Facebook.

The mother said she hopes the letter spurs the abductor into releasing the girls, possibly in a location where he can avoid detection, if that is a concern.

“They can still drop them off at a park or wherever and still not be seen, because our desire is not to know them. Our desire is to get the girls back, and that is all we want... The kids can be dropped off at a park, and they can get to a house,” Heather Collins said.

Cops and courts reporter for the Courier

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