WATERLOO, Iowa --- A federal judge has turned down a request to end the supervised release of one of the mothers of the two young missing cousins whose bodies were found last week.

Misty Morrissey, 35, also known as Misty Cook, the mother of Lyric Cook-Morrissey, has been under supervision in connection with a 2003 methamphetamine conviction since she was released from prison in 2006. The supervised stint is scheduled to end Jan. 30, 2013.

Lyric and her cousin, Elizabeth Collins, disappeared while riding their bikes in Evansdale July 13. After the girls' bodies were discovered last month in rural Bremer County, Morrissey's defense attorney asked the court to end the supervision a month and a half early --- or relax the restrictions --- to allow the mother to prepare for Lyric's funeral.

Morrissey has been living at the Waterloo Residential Facility, also known at the Residential Re-entry Center, since Aug. 23 as a special condition of her release.

"Misty Cook has been allowed to leave the RRC for scheduled events related to the loss of her daughter and niece but she has not been permitted additional, extended furloughs to spend time with her family," Public Defender Jane Kelly wrote in a motion filed Friday in U.S. District Court. "As a result, Misty Cook feels she has not been given the opportunity to grieve fully for her loss or to seek support as she needs it from her family, friends and community."

Kelly wrote that Morrissey isn't able to devote sufficient time and attention to the task of planning the funeral and memorial service while housed at the facility. She asked that her client be allowed to live with her mother.

The defense attorney noted that Morrissey had some difficult times while on supervision but has done well at the center and has continued to hold a job.

Court records show that prosecutors attempted to revoke Morrissey's release in November but then withdrew the request. Records connected with the request are sealed.

On Monday, Chief Judge Linda Reade denied the request, writing Morrissey "is instructed to continue to work with her supervising probation officer to achieve the goals of supervision."

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Yep...no special treatment. Sorry, the law is the law.


She's being kept in Waterloo! What's the big deal? Surely a funeral can be planned since her mother lives in Waterloo. Why the request for an early release? It's not like her behavior warrants it. My heart breaks for that entire family but Misty and Dan have been all about themselves from the beginning, hindering the investigation by not cooperating with police, causing more trouble, and of course let's not forget Dan being too cowardly to speak to police when the girls' bodies were found. If he's behaving the way he should be, he should not have had any issues about speaking to police. Both Misty and Dan make me sick. I am heartbroken that their child never had the opportunity to have a normal home life because they are so messed up.


Do the crime? Do the time.



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