IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) - A former Hy-Vee food store worker has filed a sex discrimination lawsuit against the company saying she was sexually assaulting at a store in 2003.

Katrina Dorman, now 19, said she suffered "severe and pervasive sex discrimination, harassment and retaliation" at the Iowa City store.

"The culture at Hy-Vee's Waterfront Store No. 1 in Iowa City is one of flirting, sexual innuendoes, sexual tension, inappropriate touching, sexually inappropriate joking and sexual affairs," states the lawsuit filed Wednesday in Johnson County District Court.

Dorman specifically cited numerous incidents with her former supervisor, James Brewer.

She alleges in the lawsuit that Brewer exposed himself to her in a small storage area inside the store in December 2003 after trying to kiss her.

Brewer, 46, of Iowa City, later pleaded guilty indecent exposure, court records show. He was sentenced in October to two years of probation and placed on the Iowa Sex Offender Registry.

Hy-Vee terminated Brewer on Jan. 12, 2004, after Dorman reported the incident, the lawsuit said.

The lawsuit names Brewer, Brewer's supervisor, Allen Dix, and Hy-Vee Inc. as defendants.

Ruth Comer, spokeswoman for Hy-Vee Inc. in Des Moines, said Thursday she had not heard about the lawsuit.

"We do a great deal of training for managers on sexual harassment issues and don't tolerate sexual harassment in the workplace," Comer said.

The company has a policy against commenting on pending litigation, she said.

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