It’s time to look behind a few more doors in the “25 Days of Burpee” Advent calendar. Behind each door is a small seed packet with an exclusive flower or vegetable variety available in 2018.:

“Orange Pepperoncini” hot pepper: This Italian pepper is 3 ½-inches long with savory low-to-medium heat. Small plants yield big harvests of yellow fruit that turn orange. Matures in 77 days.

“Snowy Spires” verbascum: Crisp, white florets with orchid-purple centers on tall stalks; stately country charmer.

“Shimmer” hybrid plum tomato: Yielding 300 to 350 sweet fruits larger than a cherry but smaller than Roma, with green stripes, touches of shimmering bronze-gold. Matures in 70 to 80 days.

“Lemonade” cosmos: Fresh, thirst-quenching yellow flowers on 20- to 24-inch tall plants.

“Confetti” hybrid sweet pepper: Eye-catching, variegated leaves and sweet, thin-walled, chameleon-colored fruit, petite 2-ounce peppers ripen from green-striped to red. Matures in 55 days.

“Party Dress” morning glory: An earlier blooming belle of the ball with 2- to 3-inch flowers in magenta with white centers. It vines quickly up fences and trellises.

“Lunchbox” hybrid cucumber: With as many as 30 cukes at each harvest, the final yield could be 140 or so for the season.

Pick small to munch or full-grown at 7 1/2 inches. Matures in 50 to 53 days.