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Text | Melody Parker

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As parents of four sports-minded children (three teenagers and a seven-year-old) with jam-packed schedules, these homeowners thrive on their home’s Grand Central Station ambience.

Sports gear, books and backpacks hit the floor and kids throng in the kitchen for snacks and frequent team dinners.

“It can get crazy — and there’s also a lot of traveling, too, for their teams,” she acknowledges, smiling. “But it’s an easy house to come home to, for hosting team events and entertaining. There’s lots of room, and the house is always full of extra kids. It’s sort of a revolving door.”

The couple factored all of that into their plans when they purchased the newly built house — “really just a shell” — and hired interior designer Kennon Springer to finish (and in a few instances, refinish) it to suit their taste.

Owners wanted warm, gracious Tuscan-influenced surroundings with nice flow.

“Originally it was painted all white, and the spaces were so large and the ceilings so high that it looked like a mall, not homey at all. So we chose a rich, warm Old World color palette with shades of henna and chocolate, metallic copper and platinum. It’s still a monochromatic color scheme, very natural and layered and soothing because the colors are closely related to one another,” the Interior Perfections designer explained.

Working as a team, Springer and the homeowners carefully phased in each step of the project.

With lots of team meals, sleep-overs, parties and easy-going gatherings, the homeowners wanted guests to feel comfortable. And because there are tile floors, the rooms were “very noisy and echo-y. We wanted everything brought down to size, but at the same time to have a feeling of expansiveness. It’s a big family home, but not fussy. We wanted it to be beautiful but for people to relax and feel at home,” she said.

Faux painted walls have a metallic finish that is not shiny, but the seven-step Venetian plaster process adds depth and emphasis. Architectural details such as columns, arches, fluting and moldings are classic and understated.

There are five bedrooms and a guest suite on the lower level. A geo-thermal system and in-floor heat heightens the comfort level.



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