Every family has at least one grown-up who’s obsessed with comics, board games and movies like “Lord of the Rings” and “Star Wars,” or superheroes like Batman, Spider-Man and Thor. Good news! There are plenty of holiday gift options for the adult geeks in your life.

At www.thinkgeek.com you’ll find an array of gifts, including T-shirts for “Dr. Who” fans, measuring cups that look like R2-D2 in “Star Wars,” sweaters with a variety of geeky graphics, coffee mugs with nerdy sayings, light saber chopsticks and more.

Geeks have a lot of gadgets that require power, so how about a cool power bank?

PC World did an article on the best Power banks of 2017 and found a variety, ranging in price from $20 to $99. Some popular brands include Mophie, MyCharge, APC, Tzumi’s Pocket Juice and Atomi.

Some geeks have serious storage needs: a Stormtrooper USB flash drive would be helpful for a “Star Wars” fan.

Is there someone in your life who constantly misplaces keys, wallets or other things? If so, check out the Tile, a tiny Bluetooth tracker you attach to your key ring. You can then use the smartphone app to locate your keys. You can find the Tile at Best Buy.

Pet lovers who want to keep track of their pets during the workday will like the Petcube, a camera with video, two-way audio, night vision and a laser toy that works with Alexa (around $169.99). Watch your pet play, talk to it and hear it bark or meow back.

Science geeks might like the clip-on microscope by Kingmas, which turns your smartphone into a microscope.

With a new “Star Wars” movie coming out, there are lots of “Star Wars”-themed gifts, from stuffed animals to clothing to the Star Wars Lightsaber Heat Change Mug ($13.99 on Amazon) and lightsaber BBQ tongs. There is also a cool droid remote control robot toy that looks like BB-8 from “The Force Awakens.”

Kids of all ages will be interested in toy drones, which range in price and features. Amazon lists one for under $20 and others for $129 and much higher, but many suggest starting out with a cheaper one to learn how to control them. Read the reviews to help selecting the best model for your gift recipient.

Need more gift ideas? Here are a few suggestions from Nerdmuch.com:

Zombie Fridge magnets will please those Walking Dead fans for around $10.

The Kymera Magic Wand Remote Control lets you use hand gestures to control devices. The wand costs around $65.

Nerdy backpacks: Take your pick from one that looks like the Tardis to those bearing the icons for comic heroes, “Star Wars,” “Minecraft,” Nintendo and more.

Remember “Where’s Waldo” books? Now there’s a version for “Star Wars” fans: “Where’s the Wookie?”

A monthly subscription to Loot Crate, which offers a box of geek and gamer gear.

“I love you more than Pi” coffee mug

Infinity scarves featuring science, math or literary themes

Magnetic poetry features a kit for geeks: You can use the phrases to write a poem on the refrigerator.

Cherie Dargan is a retired Hawkeye Community College communications professor.