ST. LOUIS — Wedding and holiday planners take note: A historic St. Louis home that has hosted U.S. presidents, St. Louis Cardinals players, movie stars and beer industry executives is the region’s newest party venue.

Many weddings of Busch family members and friends have taken place at the Busch family “Big House” estate in south St. Louis County, next to Grant’s Farm. Brewery magnate August A. Busch Sr., son of Anheuser-Busch’s founder, acquired the land in 1903.

Now the property is available to book for the first time to those without a connection to the Busch family.

Busch family members who own the French Revival-style mansion, at 10501 Gravois Road, have opened it up to the public to rent for weddings and other events.

A website for the venture,, that launched recently lists available rental packages, including one that provides access to the 32,000-square-foot mansion. The website states the Big House, which has 26 rooms and 14 bathrooms, can accommodate 75 guests, who will have use of the inside of the house and patio. Additionally, house staff will give guests private tours of the first floor of the mansion, which was built in 1913.

Renting the lawn or tennis courts for a wedding also are among the options. The cost for using the space is available only upon request, with venue pricing starting at $5,000.

The property, owned by a trust held by six children of brewery magnate August A. “Gussie” Busch Jr. and Trudy Busch, is unoccupied but is still used for entertaining and family events.


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