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Smooth moves

For most brides planning their weddings, anything that makes things easier is better. Perhaps that is why planning the honeymoon has traditionally fallen to the groom; having to plan a vacation on top of a wedding might make a Bridezilla’s head explode.

But there are things you can do to make the honeymoon go smoothly.

Consider your options.

When picking a destination, bride and groom should discuss their travel style (Do they want adventure or relaxation, fine dining or cheap eats?), make a budget, then consider weather, tourist seasons and more. If your heart is set on a specific destination, you’ll want to consider the best time to go there and possibly book your wedding around that.

Use a travel agent.

Face it, letting someone else sweat the details is always easier. In addition, a travel agent can think of things you’ve forgotten because you are juggling a million different plans.

Consider an all-inclusive.

Because budgets are so important to brides, it’s nice to know how much you’re going to spend on your honeymoon beforehand. These types of honeymoons allow newlyweds to relax and begin their life together fully enjoying all the different aspects and activities the resort has to offer without constantly worrying about how much they are spending. Along those same lines are cruises, which include many activities and food (though not usually drinks or excursions).

Register for your honeymoon.

Couples getting married later in life already have toasters and dishes; what they don’t have is a horseback ride on the beach. With the Traveler’s Joy website (, couples can register for all aspects of a honeymoon, from helping out with the airfare to a scuba diving lesson to items you might want to bring, such as a camera.

Do your research.

Read both the good and bad reviews (there’s probably some truth to those awful reviews).

Look for deals and gurantees.

Don’t book any extras upfront (diving, day trips, horseback riding, transfers, ect.) since they will always be cheaper when negotiating a fair price.

Plan for at least one splurge.

It’s your honeymoon, something you will (hopefully) do only once in your lifetime. Do something big so that you’ll always have a story to tell. Swim with the dolphins, get a couples massage on the beach, go parasailing. Make it memorable.


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