Try something fun in your vegetable garden for spring. These veggies are some of our favorites. They’re a little unusual, but loads of fun to grow.

Cucumber “Bush Hog”

Kids will love growing these because they resemble hedgehogs. These little cukes have prickly outsides. Plants are short and compact producing thick, medium size cucumber that are not bitter if eaten when picked. Each fruit is 2 to 3 inches long.

Celery “Peppermint Stick”

Deep red stems have a peppermint stick effect and bright green leaves for an attractive addition to your garden. Tender, prolific stalks have real celery flavor. You can also grow this celery in a container on the deck or patio.

Lettuce “Sweet Valentine”

A beautiful plant in the vegetable garden – or even among flowers or grown in containers. The leaves are brilliant red on both sides, and the lower half of each leaf is apple green. It starts out as a head lettuce before forming a loose-leaf romaine; very slow to bolt.

Strawberry "Delizz" 

A wonderfully sweet strawberry that suits containers, hanging baskets and gardens, "Delizz" is a day neutral strawberry. That means  you can have berries from June through summer until fall frost. 

Source: National Garden Bureau