At first blush, pink might seem like a bold color choice for the living room. But soft pink tones are a quick way to add elegance to your communal space.

“Blush pink is an amazing accent color for a living room, as it can act both as a bolder color or muted neutral,” Arlington-based interior designer Nicole Lanteri said in an email.

This color of the moment among millennials has presence without being distracting. It pairs well with bolder hues, such as Kelly green, bright yellow or cerulean blue, and creamy neutrals, including beiges, taupes, grays and whites.

The lighter, feminine hue “feels young and fun, while still being calm and restful,” says Lanteri, “like you are taking a bit of a risk in a space without it being a crazy bold color.” It can be used to balance or brighten a space or add visual interest, depending on where and how it is used.

Consider adding a fresh layer of color to your space with one of Lanteri’s pink suggestions.