Red is back on fashion runways.

Which means it won’t be long until it’s trending in home interiors and accessories.

Ruby, rosy, fiery, raging, simmering, hot, cool and omnipresent, designers describe it as a happy color, a color full of passion and life and drama. It’s not for the faint of heart, but the right shade can be irresistible.

Red is a statement color, if there ever was one. Brighter shades are stimulating, while darker shades — burgundy, maroon and brick — are surprisingly soothing and make beautiful backdrops for other color stories. 

The right red can envelop you like a warm hug. But choose your reds carefully to create the level of drama that you want to achieve.

Kitchen: Red can rev up appetites, but used as an accent color, isn’t quite as stimulating. Beyond tomato red, think strawberries, pomegranates, raspberries, cranberries … you get the idea.

Bedroom: Too overpowering a red may make you feel restless. Head toward the darker end of the spectrum, such as garnet, or to the reddish pink.

Entries, hallways: A small space with vivid red walls is unexpected — and spectacular! Or go neutral with your paint and pop red into the decor with upholstery and accessories. 

Front door: Engage your guests with red front door. In Chinese feng shui (the art of balance and harmony) red is believed to invite prosperity to the owners of the house.

Source: “Colors for Your Every Mood,” Leatrice Eiseman