Larry Ohl

Larry Ohl and his new bike

A Big Milestone!

Life is full of milestones. An “80th Birthday” is a big milestone.

However, for each new milestone of your Top 50 list, one must fall away.

So, to make room for my 80th birthday on this list, I must take off my “Brand New bicycle day.” (see the picture)

I sure can’t take off

No. 1, Wedding day

No. 2, Met my wife day

No. 3, 4, 5 Birth of Dave, Mike and Ludene

Marriages of No. 6, 7, 8, Dave, Mike and Ludene

No. 9, Bought our first home

No. 10, I bought my first car, etc.

So, since I have a Jan. 26 birthday, and January weather is usually awful, we are planning at this time only a family meal to celebrate my 80th.

Hopefully, this summer, we can have an open house and celebrate our 55th wedding day, my 80th, Linda’s 75th and Mike’s 50th.

Hope to see you then ...


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