CEDAR FALLS — With crowded parking lots at retail centers Friday morning and even more crowded aisles in stores, it was clear the holiday shopping season was in full swing.

Although Black Friday now kicks off Thursday evening at many stores, people were still out in force the next morning. Shoppers at Scheels sporting goods store were no exception.

Angie Quigley of Waterloo had a cart loaded up with clothing and toys. She was doing some Christmas shopping with a granddaughter and nephew. But it wasn’t their first stop — they hit some stores that opened on Thanksgiving and stayed late.

“We did the middle of the night,” she said. “We slept a little and came back out this morning. It’s been fun.”

Waterloo resident Robert Capelle, who had picked out a jacket and some blankets, said he had shopped at a number of stores for a Christmas tree, appliances and various gifts.

“We went last night briefly,” he said, including to Kohl’s department store and Dick’s sporting goods. “The lines were crazy. We got what we wanted there.”

Yvette Denton’s experience has been a little more intense.

“I’ve been in the lines since yesterday,” said the Waterloo woman while digging through racks of clothing. She started at Wal-mart on Thursday and then went to Younkers for late-night shopping. Her first stop Friday was Scheels.

“I love it because this is the only time you can get these good deals,” said Denton, a 16-year veteran of Black Friday shopping. The focus of her trips are grandchildren who will need gifts at Christmas time. “It costs a lot of money,” she noted.

Henry and Kelsey Carlson were finding deals while browsing, including some finds for Christmas gifts and every day use. “Just various, I guess, clothing and dog supplies, whatever,” said Henry Carlson.

They started their morning at a neighboring store. “We went to Target. That was not so great,” said Kelsey Carlson, where they spent about 15 minutes before heading over to Scheels. “We got our coffee and called it good.”

The couple didn’t shop Thursday evening or stand in lines Friday before stores opened.

“We were not the crazies,” said Kelsey Carlson. “We slept in and came out.”