CEDAR FALLS — Sheryl McGovern has “re-retired” as director of the Cedar Falls Public Library.

McGovern, who was director of both the Cedar Falls and Waterloo public libraries for nearly a decade, then became part-time Cedar Falls library director in late 2015, said she’s retiring from that part-time post.

“You may remember that when I retired back in 2015 I agreed to come back for three years,” McGovern said, but added, “I changed my mind. Partly due to personal issues.”

Her fiance is facing some health issues. “He’s getting treatment, and the prognosis is good, but I felt I wasn’t able to give either work or my home life full attention, and I didn’t want to do a substandard job,” or sacrifice time with her fiance.

“I had organized some new initiatives at CFPL, had some great committees of staff members going ahead with those initiatives, and figured since it would take the board awhile to find a replacement, I should step aside so that as the initiatives fall into place, the next director can step in,” McGovern said.

“And I have other interests I want to pursue,” she added. “I want to make sure I have time to pursue my hobbies. Can’t say I’ll never pick up another job, but if I do, it would probably be something seasonal, temporary and related to a hobby, like quilting, book store, garden shop.

“It was a great career for me, but I felt that the person who was in my position should be more emotionally invested than I have been just recently,” McGovern said. She had been a longtime Waterloo library employee before being named in 2006 to succeed Carol French Johnson as shared director of both libraries. The libraries had a shared director for 19 years.

The Cedar Falls City Council this week took formal action eliminating McGovern’s salary and setting Kelly Stern and Amy Stuenkel as acting library directors — personnel actions required by the city in affirming previous actions taken by the library board.

Board chairman Mike Sulentic said a search committee has just been formed to seek a new director. He noted longtime library employees Stern and Stuenkel previously served as co-interim directors until McGovern agreed to return part time.


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