Badgers football: Bret Bielema jokes about his 'Iowa math'

2012-08-28T04:48:00Z 2012-08-28T04:51:19Z Badgers football: Bret Bielema jokes about his 'Iowa math'By ADAM MERTZ, Wisconsin State Journal Waterloo Cedar Falls Courier
August 28, 2012 4:48 am  • 

MADISON, Wis. --- Because it'll be impossible to duplicate Russell Wilson's act, University of Wisconsin football coach Bret Bielema has attempted to lessen expectations on new starter Danny O'Brien in every way possible.

That includes having him wear a jersey other than the No. 16 donned by both Wilson last year and his predecessor, Scott Tolzien, whose school career records for passing accuracy and efficiency lasted all of one season.

"It was my idea to go to 6 — just cut it in half," Bielema said.

Last time we checked, half of 16 is eight ...

And so while Bielema was trying to indicate he wanted to just strip the "1" off the jersey — physically cutting it in half — the little alarm went off in his head that people might question his math skills so he quickly interrupted his train of thought to correct the record.

"You know I went to Iowa, but geez," Bielema said, laughing.

"I know that's going to make print," he added at the end of his response.

And, of course, the web ...

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