With the beginning of the school year quickly approaching, soon-to-be college students will be buying dorm room decorations, school apparel and, most importantly, tech gadgets. In fact, almost nine in 10 college students reported owning and using a laptop during school. Surely, others use noise-canceling headphones, speakers and tablets, along with laptops, to help them survive the next four years.

With that in mind, SpecOut, a tech research site powered by Graphiq, decided to create a list of the 25 best back-to-school gadgets for college students. The list is separated into five categories: headphones, wireless speakers, televisions, streaming media players and laptops. Each category is ordered according to price considerations and the items' Smart Ratings – SpecOut's score based on tech specs, expert ratings and performance benchmarks.

Not surprisingly, some major players like Apple and Samsung made the list, but others may be more surprising. Whether you or your student needs a laptop for research projects or a streaming device to relax and relieve some stress, SpecOut has got you covered.