Mental health and disability services in Northeast Iowa

In 2012, the State Legislature redesigned the delivery system of mental health and disabilities services (MHDS) in Iowa. One of the most significant changes was to divide the state into 15 different regions.

In the 1990s, individual counties were tasked with providing mental health services to their residents. Under the redesign, residents can access any mental health services provided within their region. For example, a resident in Pocahontas County can now receive services from providers located in Black Hawk County.

About the MHDS region in the Northeast Iowa

The region that includes Northeast Iowa was created in 2009 by mental health administrator Bob Lincoln and the Black Hawk County board of supervisors. Iowa lawmakers credit it as the inspiration for the regional approach to mental health services, which is now in place statewide. The oldest and largest in terms of area covered, the region provides more services than is required by law.

The region includes 22 counties, which are listed below. To receive services within the region, you must live in one of these counties. If you do, this website is your guide to receiving services.

If you don't live in one of these counties, you live in another mental health region. You will need to get ahold of a regional office in your area to obtain services. You can also visit the IDHS's mental health redesign website or view this map of the mental health regions.


The services are available to anyone with health insurance. For those who don’t have insurance or can’t pay out of pocket, the region will pay for your mental health and disability services provided you fall within 150 percent of federal poverty guidelines outlined in the chart shown. If you have health insurance you may also qualify for co-payment and deductible assistance by the region. For more information, contact your nearest regional office or visit the region's website.

Household Size 150% of federal poverty level
1 $17,505
2 23.595
3 29.685
4 35.775
5 41.865
6 47.955
7 54.045
8 60.135

Do you live in one of these counties?

Allamakee Butler Black Hawk Cerro Gordo
Clayton Chickasaw Emmet Fayette
Floyd Grundy Hancock Howard
Humboldt Kossuth Mitchell Pocahontas
Tama Webster Winnebago Winneshiek
Worth Wright

Types of services available within the region

With more than a hundred mental health resources available in the region, it can be difficult to know where to begin looking for help. This website is designed to guide you through the maze and narrow the field of your search.

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People who want mental health or disability services but don't have a particular office or service provider in mind should contact LifeLong Links:


LifeLong Links will get the person in touch with the appropriate office or service provider, depending on his or her need.

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This option allows you to search through our directory of MHD services in Northeast Iowa. For convenience, we've broken services into two broad categories:

Regional offices are intermediates between you and service providers. They can help connect you with mental health services within the region. Contact a regional office if you’re not sure what kind of services you need.

Service providers offer specialized services. This can include anything from one-on-one psychiatric treatment to transportation services. Contact a provider if you are looking for a specific service.

To find services, simply enter your address into the search bar below and click the search button. You will then be taken to a map with a number of markers plotted on it. Each marker represents either a regional office or a service provider within the region.

Click on the marker for more information on the services provided at that location. You can also get directions to a facility or call them directly.

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