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Your Cedar Valley Real Estate Leader! 3313 Terrace Drive, Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 319-242-5295 We’re Growing! Help us welcome our Troy Thanks for voting Oakridge Realtors 1st Place Best of the Best for the 11th Consecutive Year! We are honored and grateful! NEW AGENTS Oakridge Realtors is excited to welcome Troy Olson to the Oakridge Family. Troy is a Des Moines native and graduate of the University of Northern Iowa. After a five-year stint in Northwest Minnesota, working in Outdoor Ministry and Youth Ministry, Troy is excited to be putting down roots in the Cedar Valley with his wife, Laura. In his free time, you can find Troy at the movies, riding the various bike trails in the area, and spending time with friends and family. Troy is ready to bring creativity and energy to his work with Oakridge Realtors and would love to serve you for all your Real Estate needs! give troy a call today at 319-290-4878. Elliott Please welcome Elliott Halsch to the Oakridge family. Elliott grew up in Iowa City and double majored in Real Estate and Finance at the University of Northern Iowa. This past summer Elliott worked as car salesman at Community Motors in Cedar Falls and at the same time, began the preparatory work to become a licensed Real Estate Agent. Working long days at the dealership and studying every night is a testament to the work ethic Elliott possesses. During this time, he also became the top salesman for a three month period. As you can see, Elliott has a strong work ethic and is willing to do whatever it takes. Are you ready to put him to work for you? you can contact elliott today at 319-541-8653. TODAY’S OPEN HOUSES OPEN SAT. & SUN. 1:00-5:00 OPEN SAT. & SUN. 1:00-5:00 OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 5427 hedgewood Circle, Cedar Falls OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 2922 arbors Drive, Cedar Falls MODEL HOME Justin reuter 319-939-5112 MODEL HOME Jennie PLummer 319-240-2777 4 3 2821sf $278.9k Lynnea Lehmeier 507-696-5269 2 2 1026sf $119.95k Paige Peyton 319-404-9899 2 2 1493sf $134.9k LanCe Lehman 319-415-0775 OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 1407 Falcon ridge, Waterloo OPEN SUNDAY 12:00-1:00 1937 W 3rd street, Waterloo 2 1 932sf $85.9k meLissa a harDman 319-269-0304 OPEN SUNDAY 12:30-1:30 1424 springbrook Drive, Cedar Falls 4 3 vaL eagen 2268sf $239.9k 319-230-8784 OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:00 1003 Willow Drive, grundy Center 925 eagle ridge road, Cedar Falls 3 2 1658sf $305.002k sara Wegmann 319-269-4755 4 3.5 4338sf $399.9k Carissa hoLton 319-830-3598 OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:30 1730 W 18th st. #201, Cedar Falls 2 2 Josh Bey 1428sf $145k 319-464-2607 OPEN SUNDAY 1:30-2:30 1830 Forest avenue, Waterloo 2 1 852sf $78k Lynnea Lehmeier 507-696-5269 OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:30 325 4th street, Washburn OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:00 235 Columbia Circle, Waterloo 3 1.5 matt everts 1854sf $184.9k 319-269-7048 OPEN SUNDAY 1:30-2:30 89 3rd street, hudson 3 2.5 CarL eriCson 2044sf $179.9k 319-504-3640 OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:00 1032 east end, evansdale 1315 Byron avenue, Waterloo 3 2.25 CarL eriCson 1275sf $114.9k 319-504-3640 OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:30 3225 Carlton Drive, Cedar Falls 3 2 Diane Litton 1944sf $169k 319-504-6686 OPEN SUNDAY 1:30-2:30 1113 amelia Drive #1, Cedar Falls 3 3.5 Paige Peyton 1902sf $189.9k 319-404-9899 OPEN SUNDAY 2:00-3:00 2625 orchard Drive, Cedar Falls 2 2 1267sf $239.427k Justin reuter 319-939-5112 110 hubbard avenue, Waterloo 3 1.25 Don Betts OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:30 4 3 2588sf $248.9k sarah Bumgarner 319-427-0866 4840 Clover Lane, Waterloo 4 3 LinDa Curran OPEN SUNDAY 1:30-2:30 1578sf $144k 319-230-8784 4805 Winghaven Drive, Waterloo 4 2.75 LanCe Lehman OPEN SUNDAY 2:30-3:30 3 2 1507sf $293.82k Justin reuter 319-939-5112 5 3 3092sf $331.9k Carissa hoLton 319-830-3598 2540sf $255k 319-404-7645 OPEN SUNDAY 1:30-2:30 1704 Franklin street, Cedar Falls 4 2 vaL eagen 2184sf $160k 319-240-2784 OPEN SUNDAY 1:00-2:00 1409 springbrook Dr., Cedar Falls 1805 Quail ridge road, Cedar Falls OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:00 OPEN SUNDAY 12:30-1:30 4420 Charm Drive, Waterloo 1159 Partridge Lane, Waterloo 2549 manor street, Waterloo 100 montrose, Waterloo 3255sf $249.9k 319-415-0775 OPEN SUNDAY 2:30-3:30 720 Wildwood, Waterloo 3 1.5 BraD Page OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:30 2006sf $159.9k 319-404-8899 OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:00 1420 northey street, Waterloo 1216 Partridge Lane, Waterloo ING END SALE P 2 1 Diane Litton 792sf $89.9k 319-504-6686 OPEN SUNDAY 3:00-4:00 1215 upton avenue, Waterloo 5 2 Kathy aLBert 2500sf $185k 319-239-9949 OPEN SUNDAY 4:00-5:00 4204 Berry hill road, Cedar Falls 3 2 1972sf $145k sarah Bumgarner 319-427-0866 2 1.75 Josh Bey 1392sf $89.999k 319-464-2607 4 3.5 2240sf $320.333k Justin reuter 319-939-5112 GET PRE-APPROVED Bill Tye 319-493-0083 Kyle Langenberg 319-961-4987 3 1 996sf $88k Lynnea Lehmeier 507-696-5269 5 3 2837sf $374.9k Carissa hoLton 319-830-3598 Scott Horan 319-415-4811 Find Your Next Home at

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