Details for Director of Special Needs Services

The Waterloo Community School District is seeking qualified candidates for the Director of Special Needs Services.


Administrative endorsement; Master’s degree; special education teaching certification; evaluator license; Five (5) years of successful experience in the educational field required; experience with a range of instructional delivery systems and inclusionary services required; provide leadership and coordination of special education services of the district; examine and monitor implementation of special needs building plans; assist in the maintenance, analysis, recommendations and implementation of effective special education practices based on student data; assist in the evaluation of needs, arrangements and provision of professional development in the area of special education services; assist  school administrators in understanding and properly enforcing district policies and regulations related special education; expand and monitor the effective implementation of problem solving practices and procedures; expand the implementation of inclusive schools and inclusive educational practices; assist in the developing, reporting and filing of required reports; coordinate with Education Services on the development and implementation of curriculum and instructional practices that fully consider student special education needs.

Knowledge of state and federal laws and rules governing special education services; effective oral and written communication skills; strong problem solving skills; knowledge of related research and quality practices; knowledge of processes and procedures to address effective implementation of least restrictive environment requirements including implementation of the district’s special education service delivery plan; ability to recognize sensitive issues and to maintain confidentiality; knowledge of processes to address cultural diversity and associated issues related to student performance an instructional methodology.


To apply for this positions please visit our website at


The Waterloo Community School District is an Affirmative Action/Equal Opportunity Employer.


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